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if i was a gym leader, what would my type, pokemon, badge, and signature pokemon be?

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a mix to help you get through those sleepless nights [listen]

cosmic love//florence and the machine

somewhere only we know//keane

silent treatment//the joy formidable

despair in the departure lounge//arctic monkeys


two weeks//grizzly bear


jesus christ//brand new

a message//coldplay

sæglópur//sigur rós



Peace and love | A Madoka Kaname fanmix

1. Joan Franka What if god was one of us // 2. Go Shiina Promise in thesnow // 3. Hiroshi Yamaguchi Reset - Thank you // 
4. Yann Tiersen La valse d’amelie orchestra // 5. Koji Kondo Ilia’s theme // 6. Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu & Saori Hayami Secret base (10 years later) // 7. Thomas Anderson Romance in the air // 8. Cobra Starship Living in the sky with diamonds // 9. Go Shiina Living a dream


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young witch in training [listen]
an eclectic, vaguely creepy mix for young witches traveling far away from home, wandering through dark forests, battling dangerous monsters, and becoming adults. includes music that ranges from whimsical fantasy-esque scores to songs that make you want to strap on your black boots and kick down doors.

01. rörliga bilder - daniel olsen
02. happy birthday (a death in the family) - clint mansell
03. becomes the color - emily wells
04. devil do - holly golightly & the brokeoffs
05. the melody of the specter’s flute - nishiura tomohito
06. to ursula’s cabin - joe hisaishi
07. lose your soul - dead man’s bones
08. black sheep - gin wigmore
09. my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine
10. stina - daniel olsen
11. iris - nishiura tomohito
12. in our talons - bowerbirds
13. one summer’s day - joe hisaishi
14. 1940 (amplive remix) - the submarines
15. the legendary paradise - nishiura tomohito
16. vaggvisa - daniel olsen
17. compass - shim hyun jung
18. on a clear day - joe hisaishi
19. the heroic weather conditions of the universe, part 1: a veiled mist - alexandre desplat
20. les passants - zaz

This just looks like my aesthetic, without even listening to it. Wow.

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Don't Lose Your Way
By Kill La Kill


Don’t Lose Your Way - Kill La Kill

Totally digging the soundtracks in Kill La Kill, everything is so epic (x)

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ok go! a mix by leo

those days! those days suck man

i. if i ever feel better / phoenix ii. here (in your arms) / hellogoodbye iii. such great heights / kills sorrow iv. don’t worry be happy / bobby mcferrin v. stay in / jaws vi. first day of my life / bright eyes vii. get lucky / daft punk viii. just the past / peter bjorn and john ix. upside down / jack johnson x. electric feel / mgmt xi. paper planes / m.i.a. xii. living thing / peter bjorn and john xiii. scenic world / beirut xiv. it’s not my fault i’m happy / passion pit xv. kids / of monsters and men xvi. riptide / vance joy

listen / art credit

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thinking of you "You may be out of my sight… but never out of my mind…"

diiv - follow // galileo galilei - aoi shiori // sleeping at last - venus // muse- madness // wolfgun - thoughts on a cloudless day // daft punk - digital love // foster the people - i would do anything for you // casey lalonde - a knife and a heart // passion pit - smile upon me // lights - quiet

(listen | image)

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A Cruel Angel's Thesis (2009)
By Shiro Sagisu




Shiro Sagisu - A Cruel Angel’s Thesis. (2009 version)

how the fuck did I not know this existed…

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im so angry it feels like my eyes r gonna pop outta my skull ! [listen] [cover image]

« track list »

i. party stronger - anamanaguchi // ii. fxxk boyz get money - femm // iii. [etc] magia mindfuck remix - youtube user chiikaboom // iv. tapping beats - capsule // v. sunset love suicide - machigerita-p ft. gumi // vi. headshot - she // vii. theme for scanty & kneesocks - teddyloid // viii. my crush was a monster boy - gumi // ix. we hate you please die - crash and the boys // x. techno base - anamanaguchi 

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